I remember the time that Gesiye was upset that Timi told me that Gesiye was wearing girl’s shoes and Tonbara comforted him by telling him not to worry about it because they were boys’ and girls’.
Whenever I think of Tonbara I always saw him smiling. I remember how he was alays acting goofy but he made everyone feel wanted. He was always so cheerful and happy. Tonbara was a great actor and he gave his talents to God in all the many roles he played. Whenever he was needed he was willing to play that role. – Theresa


“Sad Day” by Jessica Edlen (December 10, 2002)

This friend you loved died so very young today,
It was just his time to be set free and to go so far away.

The tears will come; the sorrow will be,
All because your friend, you can no longer see.

Do not be afraid to cry, it will help with the pain,
Remember there would be no more flowers, if there wasn’t any rain.

These words may come to you, as empty air that I just speak,
But do not be afraid for him, do not let your heart be weak.

God needed an extra angel to stand by His side,
To watch and care over you, as the years in life float by.

You aren’t alone in the world, I promise this to you,
But just put your trust in the Lord, it’s the one thing you should do.


“Death” by Jonathan Henry(December 14, 2002)

Death is like a thief in the night
It wins without a fight,
A cool guy
Why did he have to die

Expect the unexpected
Because when it comes, you want to know how to take it
There are some things I will never know
But this is in loving memory of my friend, Tonbara.
Rest in peace.R.I.P.

Please be strong during this song just like Tonbara.
He was our hero!!
It is almost Christmas
Please believe me, he will be missed.
It was not his fault.

And these rhymes must come to a halt!
I wish he had worn a bullet-proof vest that would protect him from death.
This is the end
Goodbye, my friend.
I’ll see you in Heaven! R.I.P.

************************************************************”Legacy” by Becky Ekpeti (2003)

I heard the news at 6 am
In that cold December morning
Panic rose quickly
“God please no!” I prayed
It was then I made my vow

In my head I fought for optimism
Darkness kept pushing through

The phone rang, I heard a wail
I needed no words, I already knew

Optimism vanished
Darkness ascended the throne
The darkness was hopelessness
I was drowning in it
Wanting to get out but wanting to stay

The world went on
It mocked me- they mocked me
Happy smiles, Laugher
Snow ball throwing (for it was December)
Hopelessness closed in completely
No one understood!

I’ve moved on
Darkness overthrown
It peeks through cracks sometimes
But never takes over

The past made me stronger
Teaching me to cope with life
The road still isn’t smooth
But I take it step by step
As I write this I cry…
I have broken my vow


“Heaven” Originally posted by Rhonda, Sarensmom.

If you are a Christian ourwhole faith system is based on the belief that there is a heaven. You believe that Jesus came from heaven, died on a cross, was resurrected, and returned to heaven. Our very belief in God is proof positive that there exists another dimension that we cannot comprehend with our flesh.

Heaven was Jesus’ favorite subject. He spoke so much about the Kingdom of Heaven. He even said that the kingdom of heaven is made up of children. Jesus LOVED children.

Tonbara is NOT in the ground. He is at home awaiting our arrival. He is NOT dead. He is more alive than you and I could ever hope to be. His body was a vehicle and the Real him is not some shadowy ghost. That dimension that God and Tonbara dwell in is MORE real, MORE concrete than these shadowlands we live in.

Contrary to popular belief Tonbara is not an angel. He is still our precious human boy. Nowhere in the Bible does it say we turn into angels when we go to heaven. In fact it says that in the last days we will judge the angels.

Time is not the same in heaven as it is on earth. The Word of God says that with the Lord “a thousand years is as a day.” A man, who loves math and sciences, came up with a formula based on (1000yrs here = 24 hrs in heaven). He says that, based on the facts given in that verse, even if we live on earth another 100 years, only 2 ½ hours will have passed in heaven. In Tonbara’s eyes he has only been away from us a moment. And when we get to heaven he will still be Tonbara, not a grown up.

There are colors in heaven that we cannot see here. We can only see black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and different mixtures of these. There are colors above and below the spectrum that our eyes are not equipped to see. Tonbara is seeing colors that we can’t even imagine. The same with sounds. There are sound waves that scientifically we are unable to detect with our ears. Imagine the music and harmonies that Tonbara can experience!!


1 Response to Friends

  1. Tonbara, a special young man. One whose personality can be described by many words only to fall short of just how special he truly was. Of his characteristics, everyone knew that this guy was charismatic, friendly, and SUPER funny. Here’s a memory I’d like to share. Back in the day Tonbara and I used to ride the school bus together. We had an old pair of headphones that I had broken in half so that we can both listen to my CD player. Why did we need this you ask? Because, back then we rapped. A lot. Like, everyday. Not a day went by on that bus where we didn’t annoy the entire bus with our pathetic attempts at amateur rhyming. Pathetic that is, until Komo (Tonbara) got good. Nonetheless we still had our complainers. What was Komo’s response? This guy made up a chant we dubbed “Hatas on da bus”. Is was SO catchy that eventually everyone sang it. And when I say everyone, I mean everyone. So from then on, we had no “Hatas”, but we did have a bus full of adolescents singing along with Komo and I everyday without fail. To this day I cant look at a school bus without thinking of my best bud Komo.


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