Remembering A Great Boy!

You know exactly where you were and what you were doing on some strategic periods in history. September 11, 2001 will be unforgettable to every American but especially to the loved ones of those killed in the terrorist attacks on that day.  February 1, 2003 is also memorable to us but for the families of the astronauts on The Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, it is bitterly memorable. For the Komonibo family, December 10, 2002 will remain the most tragic day of our lives. A bright and shining light was snuffed out in his own room at night! It would have been a school affair because it was the soccer tryout the previous day that exacerbated his hidden condition. He could have collapsed on the field and died because the cause of death was ruled by the Coroner as left ventricular hypertrophy exacerbated by exercise. God was kind to him, his friends and classmates and to his loving family knowing how much more devastating that would have been to us if he had died on the soccer field that day. So, my son, the strong, healthy, 15-year old going to 30, Tonbara Komonibo, quietly came home, ate his dinner, gave us his special hugs and kisses and went to bed and into eternity!

It has been 14 years and every year I thought there was no more grieving left in me. But grief is in stages. If I live to be a hundred and ten, I would still be remembering my first-born son, Teejaykay and wishing he was by my bedside as I take my last breath. So, let no one judge me for still feeling the harshness of his death. People tell me “It is enough now.” I am sorry. You cannot judge me until you have walked in my “moccasin” which I do not pray for any of you to walk in.  I praise the Lord for the way my family has handled and are still handling this tragedy but remembering Tonbara’s uniqueness and being able to laugh about his many antics , has helped us a long way.  Sweet memories of those fifteen years keep us going and still smiling. The hope of the reunion makes us more determined to make heaven.

Adieu, my son. My love for you has not diminished. You are a part of the many “Cloud of witnesses” cheering us on. We shall make it, in Jesus name and so, will see you at the time ordained by the Lord.

John 11:25, Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.


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