Gone Too Soon

I heard the news of another young man snatched from life suddenly. Why? He was doing what he loved to do and died in the process. He was not running around with bad fellows and got shot. No, he was a good student, doing what his parents sent him across the ocean for. He was Abraham Aboiralor, a Chemical Engineering student of University of Houston in Texas. He was only 22 years old. [https://www.facebook.com/aboiralor]..

My mind immediately flew back the dark alley, to that early morning of December 10, 2002, when my precious Tonbara was snatched from me. It was the same scenario: soccer-related death! The twelve years Tonbara had been gone suddenly shrunk and it was as if I was standing in the emergency room hearing the doctor tell me he did all he could. No sir, you did nothing. You could not have done all you could in only 1 minute – for that was how long it seemed you went into that room. That was my first-born son in there and could you not have tried just one more time? Just another shock, maybe, could have restarted Tonbara’s sweet heart but you denied him that one last chance to grow up and become one of the best specimen of men on earth!

I came home that morning, without my son. The night came and I went outside to see why Tonbara was not yet home. He knew how I worried if he was out late! How could he not remember that his darling mom would be waiting up for him to return! Tonbara did not come home that night. Tonbara has not come home for almost twelve years. Tonbara will not come to this home, ever again! Why is this so not fair?

Why is Abraham returning to his parents in a box rather than walking through the airport door to hug and kiss his dear mother? Why should his  mother be denied the comfort of knowing her boy would come back to her someday? Why should a mother be denied of seeing her son grow up, get married and give her grandchildren that resemble their daddy or mommy? Why …?

There is one consolation! I shall see Tonbara again, in a more glorified form because he loved Jesus. Oh, that boy loved his Jesus and looked good acting Jesus on stage! As I dry off theses tears, I remember every mother that had lost her child. May the Lord bring us the comfort only He could give. May He lighten the heaviness of the vacuums they created by their absence!

It is still Adieu, TeeJayKay. This mom will never forget you, your idiosyncrasies, your hugs and kisses, etc, etc.

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